I figured out my Angel’s name through a meditation during acupuncture, but you don’t need to get that elaborate. At the time I was going for weekly acupuncture sessions, which put me into a deep meditative state. I was several months in and had developed a trusting rapport with my Acupuncturist. I asked her if she could arrange the needles in a way to aid me in connecting with my Angel, because I wanted to ask my Angel’s name. She was delighted and did as I wished.

While I laid there watching the energy colors dance around inside my eyelids, I spoke inside my mind. I asked my Angel to reveal their name to me so I could begin addressing them directly. Nothing happened. So I tried again. Then again and again and again. What the hell? Nothing happened. I sucked. Angels must not be real, I thought – at the time.

I started laughing so hard. I asked for a name and then the next name I heared was literally yelled so I wouldn’t miss it.

While pulling my needles, my Acupuncturist asked how it went. I told her I tried but didn’t get an answer, but that I read it could take a few days for the answer to come. She agreed.

I walked the few blocks home, feeling inadequate. At home I plopped in the living room and turned on the TV. “E-R-I-N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, yelled the character on the random show that was playing. She yelled it several more times. I started laughing so hard. I asked for a name and then the next name I heared was literally yelled so I wouldn’t miss it. I flipped the channel and hear Erin again. Then I felt sure it must be the correct name.

The messages didn’t stop there though. For the next 24 hours I encountered the name Erin everywhere. Random articles I read were written by people named Erin. Or people mentioned in the article were named Erin. I saw the name all over Facebook. Overheard it in conversations. The sudden concentration of a name I typically rarely encountered was overwhelming and impossible to ignore.

So I began using it to address my Angel and began talking to her more and more. I asked for a visual in my mind’s eye of what she looked like and she showed me an image. Since then I’ve developed a deep, connected and trusting, relationship with her. She is my strongest ally, my fiercest protector, and most trusted confidant.

I mentioned that you can also figured out your Angel’s name and that you don’t need Acupuncture to do it. I’ve helped others figure out their Angels’ names too, and they didn’t even have to go for energy healing or meditate either.



I know it sounds too easy and simple. Where’s the ritual? Where’s the expense and difficult quest? Where’s the guru or the psychic or the spiritual leader who will tell me my Angel’s name, or at least confirm that the name I got is right?

The answer is simple. You don’t need them.

Your Angel (or Angels–some people have many), has been with you since before you were born. Angels are light beings. They’ve never been human. They don’t have bodies. They are energy. Beautiful brilliant light energies. Mine happened to show me herself, in my mind’s eye, as a form, but I also see Archangels as pure golden light. We all see things a bit differently from one another, and differently at different points in our spiritual development.

Let the synchronicity pattern unfold before you and trust it.

Also, it’s important to remember that what I’m calling an Angel, in other cultures may be called something else. Sometimes I use the term Spirit Guide too, depending on who I’m talking to. I’m not religious, and some people get confused when I say “Angel” thinking that I’m coming from a particular religion’s perspective. I’m 100% spiritual with no religious affiliation.

So find yourself in a quiet space and take a few deep breaths, or do whatever you do to relax and get present with yourself. Open your heart and in your mind say hello to your Angel the same way you would to your best friend, or anyone you love. Angels have no ego. There’s no etiquette to worry about here. They’ve already been through everything with you. They’ve just been waiting for you to acknowledge them.

Tell your Angel that you just want to know what to call them so you can feel more connected. Ask your Angel to reveal their name to you. Then sit back and let it come. Let the synchronicity pattern unfold before you and trust it.

Start using the name. See how it feels. Does it fill your heart with love and warmth? Does your body fill with warm shimmers like a glass of champagne? Then that’s the name to use. Use it all the time. Talk to your Angel everyday. Ask for help and guidance and protection. Build this essential relationship.


My next post will be about how to recognize messages you’re receiving from your Angel. So be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it.


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